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    Iowa-Class Battleships — Freedom’s Thunder

    Silvermane - you make that trip it will bring back good memories for you and closure. It sounds to me as if you are really missing him a lot and there is an empty space in your life. God can you, all you need to do is ask.
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    Echelon Earns Top Law Enforcement Gold Rating

    Still saving my pennies
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    Iowa-Class Battleships — Freedom’s Thunder

    I don't believe the generation now can even understand what or how the great generation and the people from that era worked together. Not only were they frugal and did not waste anything, but they could also be counted on to help each other out during tough times. Neighbors all knew one another...
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    Springfield Armory Echelon Upgrades

    That's neat looking, I like the splatter. Do you like the pistol better with the comp.?
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    Do You Have the "Right" Springfield 1911?

    I have the Ronin and Range Officer full size Springfield pistols, although the Ronin is in 9mm. Both are great weapons and have been very good shooters. I want to get another 45 someday.
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    Bell UH-1 Huey — All American Helicopter

    At one point our group had a mission and we had 27 Huey's lined up ready for take-off. I was not on this mission I got to experience it from the ground, what a rush. The vibration that went thru your chest just felt awesome when all those birds were up and running ready for take-off. When they...
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    Bell UH-1 Huey — All American Helicopter

    Dr. Dabbs, thank you so much for including the start-up video in your article. Hearing that sound really brought back memories of my time in service. I was a crewchief/Doorgunner on UH-1's. My pilots also made sure we got stick time, just in case something happened. I have flown both the OH-58...
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    Springfield Armory Echelon Upgrades

    I just keep saving my pennies and am looking forward to the day when I can purchase my Echelon. I think when I do I'll get the threaded barrel and night sights.
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    Story of the Flying Tigers

    You are correct in your answer the Walt Disney Company was responsible for the design. I also still have my copy of the Landmark book. I remember it because I did a book report about it. Grumpy - That scarf looks amazing.
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    Review: Threaded Barrel Echelon

    I have been saving up for an Echelon, but maybe now I may get this threaded barrel option rather than the 4.5 inch barrel.
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    Review: New Emissary All-Black 1911 Pistols

    That is the pistol I really want, the Echelon. I am hoping by the time I have enough coin saved up for one, that they will have come out in 45acp. Don't get me wrong 9mm is okay, I am just kinda partial to that big old fat cartridge.
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    The Story of the Legendary General George S. Patton

    If I remember correctly when I did a paper in school, some of the material I found said that Mr. Scott did a lot of background work before he did the movie to learn about the man. Mr. Scott had indicated that he felt that the U.S. government and the Soviets worked together covertly to get rid...
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    My "Hamburger Hill" War Trophy

    one of the ingredients is TCDD or maybe its TCCD I cannot remember for sure, but this is the most powerful of the chemical dioxins and it was used in the mixture, along with other chemicals. Back then they didn't use chemical suits, or PPE when dispensing the chemical. You were lucky if you had...
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    Don’t Do These Things with Your 1911!

    Miniteman - love the hand grip - Amen Brother
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    My "Hamburger Hill" War Trophy

    According to my BIL it was in use ever where in Vietnam. Look it up, it's nasty Sh#t.
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    My "Hamburger Hill" War Trophy

    Thanks for that wonderful story. If you don't mind me asking what unit was he in during his time in the guard. I only ask because I also served in the Michigan guard air cav unit.
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    Review: 15-Round Springfield Echelon 9mm

    The 3 dot tritiums are great for low light situations.
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    Review: 15-Round Springfield Echelon 9mm

    I am saving up my pennies for this pistol.
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    Ayoob: Springfield Echelon Review

    I am currently saving my pennies up for the Springfield Echelon/ Hoping by the time I have enough that they come out with one in 45 acp.
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    Top 10 Gun Gifts for Shooters

    I could wish for one these items, but my wife leaves this type of buying up to me. I did buy my son a beautiful 03-a3 that came out of a museum for Christmas. He is going to love shooting that old rifle. I am saving up right now to buy a Springfield Echelon. That pistol just talks to me every...