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  1. youngolddude

    LCP Max??

    Wanting to buy a pistol because it would fit in a holster is something I hadn't heard before. I had an LCP II that I liked a lot. The Max adds capacity for a small price. The price of the Max has fluctuated somewhat, with sales making it a better option. Without that, the Max 9 is often cheaper...
  2. youngolddude

    What are you doing right now??

    When we lived in Mesa, AZ, I would do yard work as early as possible and if I got too hot, would jump in the pool. It's hard to believe we would work long hours, get chores done and still shoot 7 matches a month (weekends). Now that I'm retired, everything seems to take so much time. Oh well...
  3. youngolddude

    What are you doing right now??

    The wife doesn't want me on the roof anymore. She's since learned how to service the swamp cooler. :cool: I've been clearing out the shed so I can fill it with stuff collecting in the entryway of the house. Had to come inside to cool down. Going to get a haircut in a few minutes, it's getting...
  4. youngolddude

    Wyatt Earp Was Right: Shot Placement Is Key

    For the record. The state was Arizona on a dark night somewhere around midnight. The wife parked away from the store entrance as she was told to do. She was partway across the huge, empty parking lot when a carload of guys pulled up, cutting off her path to the store. One of the occupants asked...
  5. youngolddude

    What Does Tactical Actually Mean?

    I think the SAA along with an 1873 carbine was real tactical "in the day." Metallic cartridges pushed firearm design way forward in the latter half of the 19th century. Firearms today are more advanced than those black powder guns. The word tactical is overused to the point of meaninglessness.
  6. youngolddude


    I really like both of those; the open slide and the closed slide models. I have an 85F that I bought to keep. Love that full grip feeling. My CSX, CZ75 and that are my favorite as far as comfort goes.
  7. youngolddude

    I Empathize with Those Who Live in States With Waiting Periods

    One mag, no box, but under $600 for an RO Target model.
  8. youngolddude

    I Empathize with Those Who Live in States With Waiting Periods

    I've never had to wait days or a month to receive a new gun at a store until now. I found my next gun at a gun shop and found out I couldn't buy it without a hard driver's license. I had a paper temporary, but it wasn't good enough. I had let mine lapse and had to get a new one. I was surprised...
  9. youngolddude

    What The Navy’s Ship-Launched Missiles Actually Cost

    Time to race to the bottom and develop effective weapons on a cost efficiency scale. China for example is quite effective at killing Americans via fentynol, stirring up students, dominating the green energy scam, etc. without firing a shot. The Taliban was pretty good with IEDs and rockets which...
  10. youngolddude

    What are you doing right now??

    I finished lubing and adjusting my Dillon 650 and ran about 150 SWC through it. Case gauged them all and put them in an ammo can. I filled one mag and cycled them through my Ruger lightweight. Looks like they're good to go.
  11. youngolddude

    Review: Never Unarmed .45 ACP 1911 Magazine

    Always interested in a deal, though concerns such as above are concerning, as Kamala would say. I doubt I need any more 1911 magazines since I have maybe 15. I replaced the springs on all my old ones recently and the others (Wilson and Mecgar) work great. Let's see how this plays out.
  12. youngolddude

    Bought a used Range Officer today

    My wife would take issue if I married another. She's a good shot, too.
  13. youngolddude

    Taylor & Company Announces TC73 9mm Lever Action Rifle

    We're told to use RNFP bullets with the flat point being larger than the primer to prevent inadvertent ignition in the magazine tube. I could see the value in having a cowboy gun in 9mm. It's an efficient cartridge and a logical way to reduce costs. The MSRP is pretty high and I can understand...
  14. youngolddude

    Bought a used Range Officer today

    Not as creepy, those are rather big teeth. Maybe a Kennedy influence?
  15. youngolddude

    Bought a used Range Officer today

    Yes, I reload. I use a case gauge and a bulge buster if any do not fully seat.
  16. youngolddude

    What are you doing right now??

    I love that movie. No one has the balls to do another like it. If someone did, it would be movie of the year.
  17. youngolddude

    Bought a used Range Officer today

    Dude, your avatar is creepier than the last one. It's like the hair sniffer pretending to be Mr. Rogers.
  18. youngolddude

    Bought a used Range Officer today

    Stainless model with fiber optic front sight. No box or extra mags. Priced under $600. I'll pick it up when my license comes in a week or so. I was surprised a few days ago to find I was carrying an expired license. Oops. Looking forward to shooting it.
  19. youngolddude

    Summer carry

    I no longer look like Tom since I recently shaved. Seriously, I prefer Hawaiian or plaid button up shirts over t shirts. I find the patterns conceal better. In really hot weather, some of the wicking shirts are a plus.
  20. youngolddude

    Why I Love Arizona

    No idea. Maybe they just didn't get enough traffic. Saw Chuck Conners, Clint Walker and a few others. My memories have faded. We used to dress in our shooting clothes and walk around.