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    I am greatful to Springfield Armory for creating The Armory Life and inviting me to be a...

    I am greatful to Springfield Armory for creating The Armory Life and inviting me to be a founding member. I am officially signing off due to some of the negativity in recent discussions that is not productive. I have enjoyed my time here, and I wish everyone the best. Moderator: Please contact...
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    Wayne LaPierre resigns

    I heard it discussed on GunTalk and as I remember it, the court may have the power to remove the board and appoint a guardian to look after the organization until the trial is over. This could result in new bylaws etc. to prevent the alleged mismanagement.
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    What Is the Best Belt for EDC?

    I agree, makes storage easy and convenient.
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    The P226 40th Anniversary

    Close enough.
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    Wayne LaPierre resigns

    He and the other criminal defendants will have their day in court. One of the board members who is an attorney was on Gun Talk radio and mentioned without specifics that the amount of evidence leveled against them during the grand jury was overwhelming.
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    Did you get a key fob low battery notification? I did on my Chevy Traverse.
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    Pistol Red Dots: Are Iron Sights Better?

    Good article on how to use a pistol red dot
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    What Does the Forward Assist Do?

    The YouTube algorithm suggested some videos from the Stoner interviews of 1988, and he stated that the forward assist was not needed and should not be used at all. The "Wheeler device" as Mr. Stoner called it was a requirement called for by General Wheeler (paraphrasing here) for no other reason...
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    Hellcat Pro trigger slap

    It is real, just watch videos of Rob Leatham and other old school shooters.
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    Hellcat Pro trigger slap

    I had a Ruger American Compact in 9mm with the same issue. All steel trigger and blade safety that made my trigger finger sore after 100 rounds on the range. Note. This was my first striker fired pistol, so I thought it was normal.
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    The Legion series with SRT are really nice! I have the P226 version and love it. Very smooth double action.
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    What Is the Best Belt for EDC?

    I bet you could give them a call and they will most likely send you out a freebie. These are a must!
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    What Is the Best Belt for EDC?

    Did you use the elastic belt keeper that came with your Korea belt? It worked great with my 5.11 jeans.
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    Holster recommendations for AIWB

    An inch left/right on the beltline can make a big difference. Ride height too. You will learn to adjust the holster before bending over or seating to keep from getting jabbed.
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    Holster recommendations for AIWB

    I am currently running the Xyphos Elite from T1C and it does not have a sidecar attachment. Very comfortable for AIWB.
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    Holster recommendations for AIWB

    No offense to anyone who has a Reckoning, but it was uncomfortable for me AIWB. I believe it is more suited for hip carry.
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    Holster recommendations for AIWB

    Yes, I use the one designed by Black Arch Holsters and it allows me to cant the muzzle end of the holster away from my body for concealment and does cushion the contact between the holster and groin. I like this wedge setup because it has a Velcro backing and allows the user to try different...
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    Pocket pistols

    My son-in-law tried to get me to shoot his Raven and I was scared it would explode. It was old and did not look like it was well taken care of.
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    Biden White House directs states to crack down on Second Amendment rights

    To quote a National Guard commander during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, "Don't get started with stupid."
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    Why I Carry with an Empty Chamber — Should You?

    Woops! My post is embarrassing. Trying to be funny at the time, but failed.