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  1. DrPain63

    Rifle Competitions Overview: Something for Everyone

    Picked up the Super Match w/ the Marine Camo stock a few years ago....I love it. Great trigger and pretty darn accurate(better than me). Their M1A series of rifles are pretty frickin' awesome....
  2. DrPain63

    Bear Buster? Federal Syntech Solid Core 10mm Review

    I've always carried Buffalo Bore 220gr hard cast in my G29 when hiking. Nice to have some other options...
  3. DrPain63

    Springfield Armory XD-M 10mm

    May be time to trade in my Glock 20!
  4. DrPain63

    Unambiguous Power: XD-M 10mm

    Ich liebe 10's!!!
  5. DrPain63


    After every trip to the range...May not be same day but not long after....
  6. DrPain63

    Springfield Armory TRP 10mm RMR

    Picked up the 5" version and love it. The RMR takes a bit to get used to...otherwise a fabulous gun...