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    Any plans for an XD-M® Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP in 40S&W?

    My G45 and 27 gen 5 are by far my favorite Glocks I own. A lot of hate goes towards the gen 5, but I’d take a gen 5 over 3 or 4 any day. The biggest downside to the gen 5 .40 Glocks is the wider slide in my opinion.
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    Any plans for an XD-M® Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP in 40S&W?

    Glock still produces the 22, 23 and 27 Gen 5 (If we can call the generations new). I believe H&K also still produce new .40 versions of their pistols as well. As a fan of .40, it does suck that it’s so hard to find .40 offerings in some platforms.
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    IWB holster for Hellcat Pro

    CYA Supply Co. has always been a go to for me for simple Kydex IWB holsters. Durable, simple and the price doesn’t hurt. They do make one for the Hellcat OSP Pro.
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    XD .45 Sub Compact Magazines

    The only magazines interchangeable between the "XD" (1st gen or mod 2) and the "XDM" are the .45's. If you have the .45 sub compact mod 2, the 13 round and 9 round XD and XDM magazines will work. The 10 round magazines you are finding are either state compliant mags, or the flush fitting compact...
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    Selling & Trading Guns

    One I sold and wish I hadnt... Springfield XD45 compact (1st gen with 4" barrel) Something about that pistol I liked alot. Sold it when I got an XDM45 4.5", should've just kept it too.
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    Most recommended holster for hellcat

    I use CYA holsters in conjunction with Alien Gear 3.5 cloak IWB holsters, all depending on the situation. I personally like the CYA holsters for quick and easy on and off, even though they're basic IWB like many other brands. I do not have a hellcat, but use both these with all my firearms. If...
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    XDs 45acp 7rnd magazines

    They dont technically. The original xds 7 round mags will work in the mod 2 by removing the 1st gen sleeve, but they only sell the standard 5 round and 6 round w/extension sleeve for the mod 2. They sell a 7 round w/extension sleeve for the first gen xds, but do not have a sleeve for the mod 2...
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    XDs 45acp 7rnd magazines

    Does anyone know the reasoning why the XDs 45 mod 2 does not have a sleeve to use on the 7 round mags? The 9mm version still has 3 sizes of mags for the mod 2. Understandably the 7 round mags are still usable, but no mod 2 pattern sleeve for use on them. This is (very minor- yes I know) one...
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    Holster Recommendation: XD-45 Compact

    I cant really make a recommendation for OWB, (But I would say check out Safariland) however if it's any help, I have had an XD-45 compact and used it in the same holsters made for the full size counter parts. I believe you are correct that the only difference in size in the first gen XD-45 and...
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    Pocket .45 Power Perfected

    Love my XDS mod 2 45. Need to get it's big brother though, the mod 2 subcompact OR it's even bigger brother service model, or its uncle, the XDM 4.5" model. Heck.... I suppose I'll just buy them all...
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    What would you like to see Springfield armory make next?

    Bring back the compact. Instead of just XD "subcompact" with 3" and 3.3" barrels, make the XD mod 2 in a compact version in 9, 40 and 45 like they did with the original XD 45 with the slightly shorter grip and 4" barrel. Pretty close to G19 size (I dont have a 19 to compare my XD 45c to).
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    Social Gun Community

    Warrior Poet Society. John covers more tactic related subjects, with a few reviews. He also puts up some videos about life, being a better person in society and life in general. One of my personal favorites.
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    Guns & Gear Deals Online

    Grabagun.com usually has decent deals on ammo, mags and firearms. I believe right now, XD mod 2 service models in 9mm and 45 are advertised around $345. And in .40, even lower, below $300.
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    Did you purchase a firearm last year?

    4? I'm lucky I bought 1 new and did a trade on 1 used. If I bought 4 in a year, I deffinately would be sleeping on the air mattress in the bed of my truck that I keep prepared for when I do buy another in secret!
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    New gun release tomorrow from Springfield Armory!

    All right, I'll throw a guess out there for tomorrow's release, but I have 2 guesses. First- A full size hammer fired XD. So a double stack full size XDe. Or second- A pistol caliber carbine in 9mm.
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    New gun release tomorrow from Springfield Armory!

    Another new gun. This is too much excitement in one week for me. I'll have to put some thought into what it could be.
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    New gun release tomorrow from Springfield Armory!

    Hahaha. After seeing the release video, I thought that to myself, "too bad it wasnt a guess and win". I thought, what haven't we really seen change lately and the XDm popped into my head.
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    New gun release tomorrow from Springfield Armory!

    I was just about dead on with my guess
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    New gun release tomorrow from Springfield Armory!

    A redesigned, upgraded XDm. An XDm mod 2 possibly.
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    Carrying a full size handgun? Do you do IWB or OWB?

    I carry an XD 45 compact (double stack 4" barrel) in a concealment express kydex IWB holster at 3 o'clock, when I'm not carrying my XDs, with no issues all day. I have carried my XD9 full size this way as well a few times. To make it more comfortable, going up a waist size in pants helps, as...