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    Best Hellcat OSP Holster?

    Great article! Thanks for sharing. I think that the Hellcat OSP is the only way to go for me. That small a gun with that small an optic is a great CCW option now. I was wondering if there would be a good way to carry it. This holster seems like a great option (I like how adjustable it is).
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    Problems with 10 mm TRP

    I have one of those and it shoots great and runs like a top. I'd definitely reach out to Springfield on that second gun. I've always heard that if you have a problem with one of their guns, they will take care of you. I can't speak to that as all my Sprignfields have been perfect!
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    Spartan Harsey TT Knife Review

    Great review! Thanks for sharing!
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    Critical Defense or Federal HST?

    I've used Speer short barreled Gold Dot and was pretty impressed with its performance. I was able to chrono it, and it was doing pretty well from a J-Frame snubby barrel, and it was accurate. Can't speak to its performance against a target —thankfully!
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    Enemies: Tokarev vs. M1911

    Yeah, that is one of the really interesting features of the gun. The writer really called it out when he said the Russians "improved" on the original design. They flat out stole the design from Browning, but they did add some interesting twists to it.
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    Hellcat Giveaway Winners!

    Will do, @Mike H. Thanks!
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    WWI Trench Raiders

    Totally agree....
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    Your favorite handgun cartridge....

    I've always liked those serious single-shot bolt gun handguns, but never bought one. Have you seen the new Remington 700CP? https://www.remington.com/handguns/700-cp
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    Your favorite handgun cartridge....

    Agreed! Great round that feed well and had great performance! It's a shame it's kind of died off....
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    Enemies: Tokarev vs. M1911

    I have a few Tokarevs (Chinese, Romanian, Yugo and a Polish one) and they are all excellent guns. Terrible handling from the grip angle, ugly, and have a good amount of muzzle blast. But, they're cheap, cool and fun! I also have one of those Nagant revolvers. Man thats a weird gun...
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    John Strayer’s 50K 1911

    Great read! It's always good to see something like this where you get clear proof that a gun can put some serious rounds downrange. Guns aren't cheap (particularly nice ones) so its good to see when one has been proven that it will last a while. Another added bonus in the article was the tips...
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    Enemies: AK vs. M14

    As you can tell by my avatar, I have a bit of a weakness for AKs. But that being said, the M1A is a truly beautiful rifle. It's a totally different type of weapon than the AK (which is charmingly crude), that's graceful and beautifully made. Heck, I own both and couldn't be happier!
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    Book Review: Seeklander’s Defensive Rifle Training

    I can't speak highly enough about this book. I own a copy and agree with the writer's take on it — its packed with amazing info. I had several of my friends recommend this book to me and I'm really happy I picked it up. If you want to maximize your skill with your rifle/carbine, this is a great...
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    Hunting Pancho Villa — with the 1911!

    Made me think of the Sicario movies
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    9mm — Is it great or does it suck?

    Are those Black Hills Honey Badgers or NovX rounds?
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    Funniest movie you've ever seen?

    Christmas Story! Totally!
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    I like what I can only describe as "weird" music (from what everybody tells me, at least). I was into Slayer and Metallica in the 80s, Dark Tranquillity in the 90s, screamo in the 00's, and now Scandanavian (and Scandanavian-like) groups like Amon Amarth and Aephanemer as well as some really odd...
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    Any PC gamers.....

    Quake. That's a blast from the past! I actually was running it on my Sega Saturn (that should tell how old I am). I was always a console gamer (I even had an Atari Jaguar with Alien vs. Predator!).
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    Mini 14 folding stocks are back!!!

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    Don't laugh — katana question

    I bought a Paul Chen Practical Plus katana a few months back and really like it. https://casiberia.com/product/practical-plus-katana/sh2073 It has the clay heat treating "hamon" line and real rayskin. I'm no samurai, but it seems like a really nice sword!