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    LCP Max??

    I know. Grab A Gun has them for $299. Joe
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    LCP Max??

    I don't view the Security 380 as a pocket gun though. I've heard good things about them. Joe
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    LCP Max??

    The wife had some major back surgery 6 weeks ago and is doing very well. She took her EDC piece out of her purse so as to lighten her load when we would get out and about during her recovery. She is doing so well that she has mentioned that she's ready to put her firearm back in her purse...
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    Ayoob: Why You’re Wrong About the XD

    I've had the XD Mod 2 subcompacts in 9mm and .45acp for years. They carry great and shoot great too. I don't carry them much anymore, but they are two pistols that I will always have. Love those XD's. Joe
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    The Every Trip Range Gun.

    I always include one or the other of my EDC pistols every range day. Glock 26MOS or Glock 19X MOS. Love these two fine shooting guns! Joe
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    Magazines, at what point, if any, are too many?

    I have 11 mags available for my 48. I have about 25 mags for my 19X. I have 5 available for my 26, however, the 26 can utilize all of the 19X mags also. I would say I am fine, but I might find a sale soon. Joe
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    More ammo downrange

    Nice job young man! I am jealous! Joe
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    Glock 26.5

    The X-grip I ordered for the G19 mag I have arrived today. It slips right on the mag and when I insert the mag into the 26, it feels darn nice. This will be a great backup mag for me. So now I have 10+1 in the gun and 15 more in the backup mag, not to mention that I could carry a 17 rounder as a...
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    Glock 26.5

    This is true, but I wanted to check function right out of the box. It performed perfectly. I will be giving it a thorough cleaning today. Joe
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    Glock 26.5

    I was finally able to take my month old Glock 26.5 out to the range to let it eat today. I had a glock 33 round mag, 3 Glock 10 rounders, 1 Glock 15 round mag, 3 Amend 2 18 round mags, 1 Magpul 17 round mag, and 1 Magpul 27 round mag in my bag with me. I am happy to report that the outing was...
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    Another story of Self-Defense from the great state of Texas

    I only patronize the ATM inside my credit union. or the ATM's inside Walgreen's and/or CVS. However, I am always carrying and am hyper alert when finishing my ATM business. Stay frosty my friends. Joe
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    Massad Ayoob’s tips for older/senior shooters.

    Never heard of moving the reader area to the top of the glasses. Makes sense for us older shooters though. Joe
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    What do you Pocket Carry?

    Smith 642 is about my only pocket carry firearm. The rest are too big for jeans pockets. Joe
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    Man dies after accidentally shooting him self

    The thing about Bond Arms derringers is that most, if not all have trigger guards. But the most important thing is that the hammer has to be pulled back to activate the trigger. I cannot imagine carrying one with the hammer back in the ready to fire position. I'm guessing he did not have the...
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    Review: Springfield Armory XD 3” Sub-Compact

    I have been EDC my XD Mod 2 subcompact in 9mm for the past couple of months. While it is nice to have either 13 or 16 rounds available depending on flush or extended mag, the thickness and weight is a detriment. I am seriously considering going to the Hellcat platform soon with it's 11 and 13...
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    CSX and Shield Plus

    I gave my daughter my Shield 1.0. Then I rented the Shield Plus at the range. I really liked it, but have not pulled the trigger on purchasing it yet. I am still tugged strongly towards the Glock 19X. I rented it at the range also, and shot very will with it. Decisions, decisions..... Joe
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    First Look: Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical

    These are in stock at Grab a Gun for $999. I'm not quite ready to drop a grand on a shotgun. Joe
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    New EDC followed me home today……

    Is this the OSP model? Joe
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    Very true responses guys. Thanks! I guess I am contemplating SHTF scenarios. With my current setup, I would need different mags for my 48 and my Sub 2000, but the same ammo. I will have to keep the mags separate from each other. I will more than likely get the Glock 45 within a month or so. Joe
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    Am I crazy? I EDC a Glock 48. I just bought a few months ago a Keltec Sub 2000 that uses Glock 17 or larger mags. I am thinking I need to change my EDC to either a Glock 19x or a Glock 45 primarily for magazine compatibility with the Sub 2000. Am I crazy? Joe