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  1. ToddJ70

    Is Your Carbine’s Zero Wrong?

    One of the biggest problems problems I have are too many different types of ammunition for each platform and too many platforms to help create muscle memory and autonomous use of a weapon.
  2. ToddJ70

    Victor 5.56 Hand-Guard

    I had no idea that there were so many unloyal SA buyers.
  3. ToddJ70

    Victor 5.56 Hand-Guard

    If you want brand loyalty, especially during these times, I would consider it less about obligation and more about customer satisfaction, repeat buying and positive referral.
  4. ToddJ70

    Victor 5.56 Hand-Guard

    I'm very disappointed that I can not find a suppressor that will fit inside of the hand-guard and I'm even more disappointed that Springfield Armory never thought about this problem. They should have created a second hand-guard option that would accommodate a suppressor. Has anyone found a...
  5. ToddJ70

    First Look: SAINT Victor Pistol .308

    I would really like if SA would quit just throwing new products out to bait people. I ran into a similar problem with I bought my SAVS 556 pistol. I wanted FDE and kept getting the runaround, so I ended up buying a black one. a month or two later, out pops the various color models. I was so...
  6. ToddJ70

    Peak Performance: The New XD-M Elite

    I wish that the 10mm model looked as beautiful as this gun instead of being that boring XDM frame in black. Also, what silencer was used in the 10mm video?