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    5 Reasons Why a Springfield Hellcat Should Be Your First Handgun

    I own a Hellcat and am most pleased with it. The most common complaint seems to be reserved for those who do not know how to operate a handgun. If one can do no better then to grasp the trigger from the side, one needs to spend more time at the range with a more experienced individual… drop the...
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    1911 vs. 1911A1: What’s the Difference?

    I have always felt that the 9 mm was a mistake that was politically motivated. The 9 mm is easier to shoot and cheaper but I do consider it a basic cartridge for self defense. There is no way it can be compared to the .45 ACP.
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    State of Washington drops the Bar Exam to be a lawyer

    I doubt Willis has ever passed a “bar”.
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    State of Washington drops the Bar Exam to be a lawyer

    Ron White nailed it when he stated “you can’t fix stupid!”
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    First Look: The New Springfield Armory TRP Series

    Absolutely not would I desire to arm the F.B.I. with the Springfield Armory TRP. Let them use $600 Glocks or pay for it out of their own pockets since the Glock is used by virtually every other law enforcement agency in country. Why create a reason for wasting taxpayer money?