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    What would you like to see Springfield armory make next?

    A double stack 10mm 1911 Compact with a rail. And while you're at it, a 10mm AR pistol with an 8-1/2", or 9-1/2" barrel, with full length M-Lok rail, and double stack 10mm 30 round mags. Oh!, and a ground-breaking new ambi, non-reciprocating charging handle mechanism as the cherry on top...
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    First Look: SAINT Victor Pistol .308

    If you really want to tame the muzzle rise, try "bracing" it against your shoulder. The difference is palpable!😂 Shouldering a brace has been known to be legal for quite a while now. And to keep pretending that anyone is still lacing it up to their forearm is just silly.