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    How Long Range Can the Hellcat Pro 9mm Go?

    Pretty certain the Hellcat would do this but it is a who knows without trying. Miculek hit a steel target at 1,000 yds with a pistol. Not certain caliber but believe it to be 9mm/.38 caliber range. Videos on youtube.
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    reloading questions/advice if you would please?

    Think you made a great choice on the press. Haven't gone through 16 pages of comments so my apology if comments were already covered. I typically stand for all my reloading. Unless your bench is set for proper height for standing there may be back fatique issue. I purchased the the strong...
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    reloading questions/advice if you would please?

    i have "planned" on getting the Lee Pro 4000 from one of the online places i do business with. I would go will Dillon. Depending on how much you shot Square Deal at the low end 550 or 650. i already have the latest Lyman reloading book. i know that the gun powder websites have specs, as...
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    Ayoob: Shooting the Isosceles Stance

    Just finished reading all your articles on stance. I've been a follower of you for years. I read your articles, I believe in Combat, regarding legal issues surrounding firearm use of force to be some of the best, if not the best, I've ever read. I began USPSA competitive shooting in my 50s, and...