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    This Is Why Your CCW Won’t Save You

    Right, has The Armory Life been hacked? Who reviewed this and by Richard Johnson, seriously? Hey, don't buy our products or firearms because they won't save you, it says so right here.
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    This Is Why Your CCW Won’t Save You

    What a garbage title. No tool or weapon saves anyone. They do not act autonomously. People use tools or weapons to save themselves, which requires the desire and determination to do so.
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    Review: Mk3 Firearms Custom 1911 DS Prodigy

    With the light and optic being removeable accessories, the price without them of this firearm (MSRP $1499.00 and mods $2735.00) is $4234.00 plus. While this did turn out very nice looking, I am with @SimonRL on this one. A budget like that is going elsewhere.
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    Will Cold Weather Keep Your 1911 Out of the Fight?

    Shh, I love seeing open carry. It means no one is looking at me.
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    Can You CCW a Double-Stack 1911?

    Again, a CCW article without supporting photos. Not one photo showing just how much this setup does or does not print on the writer. Every photo is a "commercial" for either the firearm, the optic, the light, or the holster. EDIT: Okay, so I watched the video and it provides what is missing...
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    Why You Cant Carry

    Hadn't thought of something like that. Great description, I can picture this set up clearly. I like the idea of the off-hand having direct access to clear the cover garment and drawing cross-body with the dominant hand. This also makes drawing while seated much easier if needed. Thanks for...
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    Why You Cant Carry

    This comes off as more of an opinion piece than an informative piece. While what holster you use and position you carry is personal opinion/preference this article's title "Why You Cant Carry" implies it will be informative. It does provide a historical background of the adoption of holster...
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    Manual Safety or Not: Too Dangerous To Carry?

    The rules clearly state, "Keep it civil and polite." Are you defending that comment as civil and polite? Is it civil and polite enough to make that comment directly to her in person? So hypothetically, you and your wife or daughter are at the gun shop or the range and someone walks up and...
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    Manual Safety or Not: Too Dangerous To Carry?

    @SimonRL The little boy in us gets the better of all of us sometimes, doesn't he. I'm not reporting it, but I am asking you to delete it because I am certain you are man enough to know it is the right thing to do.
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    Manual Safety or Not: Too Dangerous To Carry?

    Great post! I too only use, and recommend to those who ask, firearms with manual safeties. A trigger "safety" doesn't know it isn't your finger pulling the trigger if or when something else applies pressure to it.
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    Should You Not Carry a Gun?

    Second guessing his decision based on the loose description of the event in this article seems short sighted. Clearly he did not feel his life was in danger, which is a requirement of self defense by any means of force. There are many other reasons as well that I must think about before...