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    What Is the Best Hellcat for You?

    My wife and I are accomplished shooters. We know how to aim and adjust aim through fixed sights. Aiming as one should expect resulted in about a foot high at 15 yds repeatedly. The front sight appears a normal height, not unusually low and the back sight appears to be a normal height as well...
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    What Is the Best Hellcat for You?

    With all the brands we had with us and that was three.
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    What Is the Best Hellcat for You?

    Hello All, I have a question. Does your Hellcat OSP, using the std iron sights, shoot like about a foot high at about 15 yds? From day one thething has shot high and for a potential conceal carry tool that is unheard of let alone unacceptable. To combat that issue...nothing appears to be...
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    Best Springfield Armory Concealed Carry Guns for Women

    Hello all... I see that most who have responded about this article are...well intended, but not women. Even though I am a man as well, I can share one thought my wife expressed to me about the SA Micro- Compact Hellcat OSP she bought. She is an accomplished shooter and has no difficulty...
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    Springfield XD Sub-Compact 3" vs. Springfield XD Tactical 5"

    I liked the article comparing the XD Sub in 3" vs the Tactical in 5". Sometimes a good 'ol test comparison from an experienced shooter is as valuable as gold. But make no bones about it, if you want a side arm and you are into open-carry then the 5" is spot on. For conceal carry the 3" is my...