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  1. KevinJD

    Ayoob: Why You’re Wrong About the XD

    Yes, the XDE is my EDC (usually) when carrying concealed. Also have a round in the chamber and really like the ambidextrous side safety / de-cock lever. When drawing the weapon in defensive mode, the thumb is moving it to fire mode as the pistol is coming up. It does have a Veridian Red Laser...
  2. KevinJD

    Ayoob: Why You’re Wrong About the XD

    It is the XDM Elite OSP, threaded Barrel. Cerakoted the slide FDE and changed the sights. The front Suppressor Sight was too tall for my holsters. Also added the Crimson Trace RDS. I absolutely love shooting with the RDS! It is the same pistol as my Profile Pic, pre improvements!
  3. KevinJD

    Ayoob: Why You’re Wrong About the XD

    During the past 65 years, I have had the opportunity to own several and operate many more handguns. None, including H&K's have topped my XD's (XD Mod 2 in .40 S&W, XDE in 9mm and the XDM Elite in 9mm. They are all fine pieces and none have malfunctioned yet.
  4. KevinJD

    Pandemic Prepping Lessons: What Did We Learn?

    My rule for the past several years has been 2 is 1 and 1 is none. When that first day of Covid hit, we were well stocked with Ammo, food, TP and paper towels. We went into BJ's and it was near empty. We did OK.
  5. KevinJD

    Facing the Unthinkable: Is Your Church Safe From an Attack?

    We have a smaller church with one entrance / exit. A couple hundred people max. We have a deputy sheriff and several CWP's on hand at all times. If someone came in and tried to shoot, I believe they would look like a block of Swiss cheese in no time. My only real concern is collateral damage -...
  6. KevinJD

    Best Springfield Armory Concealed Carry Guns for Women

    XDM Elite with a Crimson Trace. Fire 3 shot groups, most very tight. Also pierced his ears, was very satisfied with that CT 1550. My smaller Springfields are not OSP ready or they would have them too!
  7. KevinJD

    Springfield’s California Legal Pistols: Hellcat, Hellcat Pro and XD-M Elite

    As I see it, the only Win is leaving the state and paying taxes in a free state that does not infringe my rights. I spent 15 years in Joisey, never again.
  8. KevinJD

    Review: KORE Executive Protection and Tactical Nylon Belt Systems

    Found a similar belt, Anson Belts. Ansonbelt.com - have 4 of them, been wearing them for 2-3 years. Look good still, and all of mine are lined for CCW. Leather, web, you choose what you want and the buckles are interchangeable. Similar style to the belt we wore in the US Army in the 70's. The...
  9. KevinJD

    1911 DS Prodigy vs. XD-M Elite OSP: Which Springfield Wins?

    XD guy myself... The XDM Elite is my favorite.
  10. KevinJD

    Aimpoint Duty RDS Review

    Good review!
  11. KevinJD

    Aimpoint Duty RDS Review

    What is the difference between the Romeo 5 and this Aimpoint Duty RDS, besides the price?
  12. KevinJD

    Aimpoint Duty RDS Review

    May have to try it! Much more cost effective too! PSA has it on sale for $129.99!
  13. KevinJD

    Aimpoint Duty RDS Review

    Good, convincing article! Never tried a RDS on any rifles, shotguns or handguns. Have no clue as to the operation of these sights. Do they work with or independent of the front sight? Would the front sight on my AR-15 need to be removed? (The rear sight and the handle are attached to Picatinny...
  14. KevinJD

    M18A1 Claymore Mine: From Vietnam to Today

    Fortunately, I was never in combat! But in training, war games, maneuvers... We worked with many of these, live and dummies. IF I ever had to sit in a bunker or foxhole in the real situation, this is one of the most powerful defensive tools to have. My favored anti-personnel mine!
  15. KevinJD

    EMP-Proofing Survival Gear

    After reading your statement, "Safes have redundant key behind the pads," I removed the pad on my safe and found no key nor a key hole. The safe is about 15 years old. If I've overlooked something, please advise! It is a concern of mine if an EMP were to happen. I definitely would want to...
  16. KevinJD

    EMP-Proofing Survival Gear

    Speaking of EMP, there was a book written, actually a series of 4 books. Written by Forstchen, William R. He is a Military Historian at a college in the mountains of NC. He was persuaded to write this book by Newt Gingrich and other Politicians who realize the USA and its allies are not prepared...
  17. KevinJD

    EMP-Proofing Survival Gear

    Good concern, mine too. Any ideas yet???
  18. KevinJD

    Happy B-Day ARMY

    Seemed to be 90% swamp! I think the Army tries to find the most undesirable piece of land for Training Purposes!
  19. KevinJD

    Springfield XD-M Elite 4.5" Tactical OSP 9mm Review

    Only way to carry this Concealed is with a shoulder holster, which I have. But being in South Carolina, only works for a short time in the 'winter' months! So my EDC is either my XD-E or XD Mod 2.
  20. KevinJD

    What’s on the Shelf?

    Good reading material! All the way through!