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    Looking for Holster for Ronin EMP 3" 1911

    For OWB, AMAZON sells $59.99. It fits my Springfield Ultra Carry 1911 45, 3"; my Kimber 9 1911 Ultra Carry II, 3" & now my Ronin EMP 3" 9. Saves money; don't need 3 different holsters for OWB. Quality made, and it's a paddle holster. Premium Leather OWB Paddle Holster Open Top Fits Kimber...
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    Little Big Gun: The Ronin 4.25″

    Does anybody have a Ronin EMP 9 3"? I just picked up mine November 21st; almost a 3 year waiting list to get this gun. Paid $899.95. Any pros/cons? Steve PheasantHollowFarm