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  1. NTPD935

    A Century of Springfield Military Rifles — and Beyond

    I only know what I saw and read in”The Armory”.
  2. NTPD935

    A Century of Springfield Military Rifles — and Beyond

    According to Springfield’s magazine, they did and wrote an article about it including photos. So, either they are wrong or you are? Check their recent publications.
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    A Century of Springfield Military Rifles — and Beyond

    OMG!!! How could you NOT mention Springfield’s M1 Carbine? One of the most manufactured firearms of WW2.
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    Combat Rifles of the Pacific War

    PLEASE, NO, PRETTY PLEASE… start producing M1 Carbines again! Great rifle that was carried by hundreds of thousands of GIs and it is time for its return to the market place. With modern ammo this short light weight carbine is the perfect home defense and truck gun. I will take three please...
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    1911 Garrison shooting low and left

    Does it shoot low and left when you fire it with your support hand?
  6. NTPD935

    An Omega Man SMG? The M76 9mm

    While being a cop, our department had two Thompson machine guns. They were consecutively numbered and in the presentation cases both guns and drum magazines and straight magazines with them. Our range officer, in 1976, traded those two guns for three S&W M76. I still wake up in the middle of...
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    Reloading in a Gunfight: Basic Skills You Need

    Two things; 1. From lockback use your off hand to manipulate the slide release. This will eliminate the chance of your strong thumb closing the slide before the magazine is seated and you ending up with an empty chamber and a full magazine. 2. Place the partially used magazine back into a...
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    Holster for Ronin??

    Ritchie Leather Company 2465 Niagara Falls Blvd Amherst NY 14228 United States 716.691.6300 i have been wearing their holsters since 1974 and they don’t wear out. I care every day and have one of their http://www.ritchieholsters.com/catalog/p-100009/close-quarter-quick-release-cq-qr that I...
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    What watches

    Still love my Rolex Submariner
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    Hellcat OSP Optic choices

    I have the Shield SMSc on my Hellcat. And have had no problems with it. It is the less expensive Shield and the only thing is the self adjusting brightness of the red dot. Sometimes because of the lighting conditions the red dot can be not bright enough for the eye to pick up quickly...