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  1. xdman

    Someone tried to shoot Trump

    You can see what they use and the Secret Service patch, not local leo.
  2. xdman

    Someone tried to shoot Trump

    Ok this is the best lay of the land I have seen. This explains the actions of the sniper team that was to Trumps right hand side, closest to the shooter. The shooter basically sliced the pie, and picked the exact spot on the roof to hide from the Secret Service sniper team (I have seen a picture...
  3. xdman

    Someone tried to shoot Trump

    You can see the oh poop moment on the secret service snipers. Looks like he identifies the shooter, comes off the glass and then attempts a shot off balance. Looks like the second sniper crawls back for cover? https://www.facebook.com/share/v/t3cKCSGujnbASLw8/?mibextid=wwoq3v
  4. xdman

    Someone tried to shoot Trump

    In the audio you hear multiple shots, you can hear the secret service say the shooter was down as they were on top of Trump. Then and you can hear that Trumps code name is Hawkeye as they coordinate movement .
  5. xdman

    Hot Echelon Slide

    Well that is not true, you were also warned as well. Here is the history with the exact time and date. Same warning other members also gave you.
  6. xdman

    Hot Echelon Slide

    Can’t wait to watch the video, showing the testing
  7. xdman

    Why This Forum?

    Hmmm trying to find the hidden meaning, but can't compute. I tried to buy it a couple times, but it was sold each time with out ever even looking at my offer or even letting me know that it had been sold to new owners. Each successive owner had less and less attachment to it. I saw the writing...
  8. xdman

    Tips for Transporting Drunks

    I prefure Fire House Subs, buckets my self, you know the Semi-Automatic version of a bucket. Since they were used to hold pickles they have a pleasant sent to them.
  9. xdman

    Hot Echelon Slide

    Well the best advice I can give, if you ever have to lay down sustained suppressive fire, don't touch the slide. Or wear gloves.
  10. xdman

    How do i get a **** manual?

    Literarily took seconds to find, and then you can print it if you want. At the top of the page they offer a specific printable version. Springfield website: Support: Manuals: Hellcat...
  11. xdman

    Lost in space?

    Guaranteed they will do everything possible to avoid that, Space X could have them back in no time.
  12. xdman

    Thoughts on Assange ?

    Is that because he refused his Covid Shots? JK So that's what it takes for the current administration to not welcome you through the open border?
  13. xdman

    Who has not had that thought...

    The only issue is that with a skilled pilot the drone can spot the target from out of noise distance and in an instant be on target before you realize where it is coming from. Flying my DJI Avita FPV drone I can easily cross a football field in seconds hoping up over a house or in between...
  14. xdman

    Deal Alert XS Sights

    I am currently writing an article about XS Big Dot and part of the article is mentioning their blowout sale. Please use the link, I don't get paid for it, but it gives me some street cred that people actually listen to me. The bonus you get one heck of a deal. Here's the trick if you need a set...
  15. xdman

    Tritium sight for XD9 subcompact

    Sounds like S&W front
  16. xdman

    Tritium sight for XD9 subcompact

    Nope the XDM, XDS, XDE, Hellcat even echelon uses the same dovetail. Exception the Hellcat OSP rear is different (front is same as others) and XDM 5.25 rear is different (front is the same). Echelon has a hybrid midsize height sight to co witness with the red dot so standard “XD” sights might be...
  17. xdman

    Tritium sight for XD9 subcompact

    The subcompact dovetails are the same as the bigger XD’s.
  18. xdman

    SureFire G2X Tactical Flashlight Review

    One of my favorites
  19. xdman

    Interested in a New Hellcat Pro Comp OSP with a manual safety does it exist yet?

    Not yet, the safety is only on the non comp versions at this time.
  20. xdman

    Suppressor cleaning

    nice try OSHA :)