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  1. Steelers87

    Enemies: Tokarev vs. M1911

    I had never even seen a Tokarev before this article, so I definitely learned a lot from this article. I did not know there were pistols with the feed lips for the mag built into the frame!
  2. Steelers87

    County Sheriff in Nevada regarding Red Flag laws

    Great point they made on that. This sure is a slippery slope kind of thing.
  3. Steelers87

    Mechanical or electronic?

    Mechanical. No question. I had an old electronic handgun safe "die" on me and I had to use a hacksaw on the hinges to get my gun out. Never want to do that again........
  4. Steelers87

    Your avatar story?

    I'm a T-600 with the rubber skin. Either that, or just the goofy Roethlisberger fan in the movie Zack & Miri ... ;)
  5. Steelers87

    Getting a newby into shooting when they're scared of guns

    I have not dealt with that yet, but I would think maybe an air gun would be a good place to start? You could shoot some in your own basement to start out? Then you could progress to a .22? I would not start out of the gate with an S&W500 or something, that's for sure....
  6. Steelers87

    Girlfriend's gun — suggestions?

    Agreed. I seriously considered the S&W Shield EZ for my wife for that very reason....
  7. Steelers87

    GunMag Warehouse's take on SA Edge PDW

    That gif at the bottom of the writers piece with him dressed up like miami vice with the SMG is hilarious!
  8. Steelers87

    10mm Ballistic Gel Testing

    I'd be curious to see a drywall test to see what these things do -- particularly that Blazer round that went through all the gel!
  9. Steelers87

    Is .38 Super Dead?

    I've heard of the 9x23, but it's been a long time since I read anything about it. What's its backstory?
  10. Steelers87

    Is .38 Super Dead?

    I don't know about you all, but I have a weakness for .38 Super — the .357 mag for autos in the 1920s. Great round with a lot of history behind it. What do you all think?
  11. Steelers87

    9mm — Is it great or does it suck?

    If you get the right ammo (like some Hornady Critical Duty or Defense), a 9mm can probably be just as good as anything out there....
  12. Steelers87

    Critical Defense or Federal HST?

    I've run some of the Hornady Critical Duty out of a full size M&P9 pistol and was very happy with it. Accurate, good velocity, and I think it would do well against a threat. They make great ammo (but so does Federal, for that matter).
  13. Steelers87

    CCW for threats with more than two legs?

    I know we've all talked about defending against human threats, and also about threats like bears or wolves in the woods. But what about everyday four-legged threats like dogs? Is you CCW up to a rabid dog attack, or is it not worth worrying about? I'm not sure I'd want to go below a 9mm for...
  14. Steelers87

    Taffin Tests Springfield 1911s

    I really like that EMP.... I'm going to have to start saving my money to get one.
  15. Steelers87

    Seems like Colt is introducing new 2020 Python

    Whether you paid too much or not, that's a beautiful gun!
  16. Steelers87

    Finally did it......

    Two stores that were local to me shut down in the last two years. However, they were newer ones that popped up in the last five years. We still have two other shops that have been here for longer than I can remember.
  17. Steelers87

    1911 Caliber Choice

    I've always had a weakness for .38 Super.... I'd want a 5" gun with a bright nickel finish on it.
  18. Steelers87

    Anybody own any old classic Springfield rifles?

    Anybody own any cool Springfields from the 80s and 90s, like their SAR3 (G3), SAR48 (FAL), BM59, etc? I remember reading their catalogs back then and wishing I had the money for one!
  19. Steelers87

    Anybody want a folding stock M1A?

    That would be awesome! If you had a true sidefolder on the M1A with the SOCOM16 barrel, you would have a .308 a ton shorter than a .308 AR like the Victor. I think the M1A Tanker with a BM59-style folder on it would be REALLY cool! I think Springfield used to sell BM59 rifles back in the 80s?