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    TRP Available Caliber Options

    I've never heard anyone claim a 1911's ergonomics were an issue before, but to each their own, which is another one of the great freedoms of America.
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    Wish List

    TRP 9mm.
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    TRP Available Caliber Options

    I would love one of those "Profe$$ional" 9mm's (or .45 acp's), but I'm not as fond of the Springfield Custom ca$h price required to obtain one. The TRP's are co$tly enough as is, and of course, the Springfield Custom options are even more. Amazing firearms, but they're financially out of reach...
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    Picked up a TRP 10mm

    Congrats! I have not obtained a 10MM TRP, but I did obtain a .45ACP TRP some time back. After I picked it up... I found it difficult to put down, unless it was to reload again. Enjoy your new addition!
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    TRP Available Caliber Options

    Currently the Springfield TRP line comes available in either a .45ACP, or in a 10MM package option. However, there is currently no offering of a 9MM, within the TRP product line. The Springfield Custom line offers the Professional Model (similar to the TRP, but next level in quality...
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    Win a Hellcat Pistol!

    A new Springer would put a new spring in my step, and I'd be stepping to a nearby range with it too. Good luck to all.
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    Welcome to The Armory Life forum!

    Looking forward to the new Armory Life forum, and anticipating future topics to join in on/enjoy.