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  1. jfmorris

    First Look: XD-M Elite 3.8” Compact OSP

    I'll add another comment. I've got a full sized XD-M - the old XDM 5.25 competition pistol in 9mm. I bought the compact for carry, and I am just not sure how I feel about the flared mag-well on a carry pistol. I feel like the grip is already so short when using the shorter magazine on the...
  2. jfmorris

    First Look: XD-M Elite 3.8” Compact OSP

    I think you have two ways to go for an extended magazine. 1. Leave the mag well on, and use a normal 19 round mag, which will hanging out and not a seamless part of the grip frame. It will be a little dorky looking, but I would think it will latch in there. 2. Remove the mag well, and use the...
  3. jfmorris

    Time for a Good Argument. Ready?

    My first gun was .22LR, and I was taught never to dry fire any 22, as it can screw up the firing pin and potentially the face of the chamber without a round in there to take the impact. I occasionally dry fire center fire pistols or revolvers, but would not do extensive dry fire "training"...
  4. jfmorris

    Alabama Constitutional Carry

    Yeah, I feel this is pretty bad, as the new law (not effective until 1/1/2023) weakens the permit. The old law expressly stated that to carry on private property you needed EITHER a CC permit or permission of the property owner. This new law strikes that phrase about the CC permit allowing you...
  5. jfmorris

    Alabama Constitutional Carry

    For any fellow Alabamians, I want to get your take on the bill the Governor just signed today: http://alisondb.legislature.state.al.us/ALISON/SearchableInstruments/2022RS/PrintFiles/HB272-int.pdf I had urged my legislators to pass this bill WITHOUT modifications, but apparently that did not...
  6. jfmorris

    Comparing The Ruger LCP to the LCP II

    Weird to see an almost 2 year old thread get resurrected out of the blue. That said, I too find the LCP Max intriguing, but not sure why you hold inclusion of just one magazine against it. The LCP II and LCP also include only one magazine. It seems most of Ruger's guns these days just include...
  7. jfmorris

    Mac OS Monterey

    I'm on an iMac 27" (2017) with Monterey, and have not run into this issue. But then again, I never ever turn my computer off, just have the screen turn off. It's more stress on a computer to be powered off and on, than to just leave it on and have it go into sleep mode. My MacBook Pro (2014)...
  8. jfmorris

    Load 22 LR, would you?

    This is really a "loading" kit - not a reloading kit. There is nothing in the article about re-use of the 22LR casings. I don't see how you COULD reuse them - they have a nice ding on the edge from being fired, and the primer is burned out of the casing. So you are really just loading brand...
  9. jfmorris

    Review: XD-M 9mm 35-Round Extended Magazine

    Cool to have as an option at the range. Maybe for home defense, although I feel it could also get in the way. Certainly not a magazine I would ever want to carry with me, even as a spare.
  10. jfmorris

    Hornady’s Handgun Hunter Ammo

    For deer hunting, Alabama seems to stipulate "muzzle loaders or black powder handguns 0.40 caliber or larger" and in another line "centerfire handguns with expanding rounds". So it sure looks like I could technically go deer hunting with my great grandfather's .38 if I had expanding rounds in...
  11. jfmorris

    NRA Board Fails to Take Corrective Action

    This entire ongoing fiasco makes me sick. The hubris and malfeasance involved are disgusting. I've been watching it unfold since Oliver North's unexpected departure, which shocked me into taking a hard look at the NRA. I supported them with annual membership dues until this year, and let it...
  12. jfmorris

    Time has come….

    I let my NRA membership lapse this summer, but am continuing to support GOA, and also a few other 2A entities.
  13. jfmorris

    I found a new gun oil/cleaner

    I use Ballistol as well, pretty much exclusively, after seeing Hickock 45 using it as well. If nothing else, it sure doesn't stink up my house like Hoppes did, and seems to get things pretty clean. I blow out the excess with the air compressor in places I can't reach with cleaning patches or...
  14. jfmorris

    Biden Administration Bans Import of Russian Ammunition?

    Oops. Didn't know that, don't want to **** anyone off by bringing it back up, but seems to be something we would want to be discussing. I don't use steel cased ammo myself, so not sure I've ever bought any ammo from Russia, but it doesn't seem like this restriction does anything to punish...
  15. jfmorris

    Biden Administration Bans Import of Russian Ammunition?

    I came here today expecting comments on this subject: biden-administration-bans-importation-of-russian-ammunition I don't buy a lot of Russian made ammo, but know it accounts for a lot of the cheaper stuff that is currently available.
  16. jfmorris

    18 Year Olds Conceal and Carry

    Alabama allows 18 year olds to apply for a CCW, but Alabama permits only have reciprocity with most states if the individual is 21 or older. That said, it really depends on the 18 year old. My youngest daughter is the only one of my 3 kids to express an interest in self defense, apply for and...
  17. jfmorris

    .22 lr conversion

    Agreed. Surprisingly, my LGS has a S&W AR pistol in 22LR for sale at $449 right now. Other 22's like the Ruger 10/22 and Wrangler have come down since the height of the pandemic - the 10/22 is now $222, and the Wrangler $179 - the lowest I've ever seen it advertised. So maybe things are...
  18. jfmorris

    .22 lr conversion

    I've been thinking of getting something like this at some point: https://palmettostatearmory.com/cmmg-22arc-bravo-22lr-conversion-kit-22ba651.html Note that the included magazines are 25 rounds, and may not be legal in some states. I don't know if they make or sell a 10 round version of the...
  19. jfmorris

    And you knew this would happen

    I don't think the fed's can do anything about this. Missouri is free to tell their state law enforcement agencies to not assist in the enforcement of anti-2A policy. They would not block the feds from trying to enforce such changes in law, but there are a limited number of FBI agents to go...
  20. jfmorris

    Could You Weak-Hand Draw If You Had To?

    If pocket carrying my LCP - no. I doubt I could ever get my left hand into my right jeans pocket! ;). I think I could get my XDM out of its IWB or OWB holster however. I usually carry around 4 o'clock. The sadder part is that my weak hand really IS my weak hand, due to painful nerve damage. No...