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    Hellcat Osp Holster

    DeSantis Slim-Tuk has a minimalist holster for the OSP. Inexpensive. I use these holsters for my Hellcat, M&P and G19. One feature I like is that I can load, unload and clear the pistol while in the holster, with the trigger covered. One point of note. If you carry left handed (the holster is...
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    Gel Testing Federal Personal Defense Punch .45

    I noticed that that Yamil Sued commented on the age of the .45 ACP cartridge. It's old. However, many seem to believe that 9x19 is a modern cartridge. It isn't. 9x19 was introduced in 1902. .45 ACP was released in 1904. So, the oldest of common rimless handgun cartridges is not the ,45 ACP, but...