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    Ruger M77 - The Evolution and Future

    Mine is in 270 Winchester. I absolutely love it fantastic deer gun. Everyone of the deer I have taken has been with that rifle.
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    The Springfield Armory M1A Loaded

    Just got mine two weeks ago, FINALLY. I absolutely love the set up. I would like to stay with irons but decided to scope her. Mainly because my eyes suck.
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    Am I the only Revolver Guy left?

    I absolutely love revolvers, specifically Single Action Army modelS. I’m currently looking at a Colt or a Standard Manufacturer models
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    Show off your 1911

    Oh cool I just wasn’t sure and didn’t want to assume. Thank you, myGrandfather past that one down to me years ago. Fun shooter!
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    Show off your 1911

    Hello everyone I hope it’s ok for me to post my 1911’s. Reason why I hope it’s ok is because they are not Springfields. Top is my Smith and Wesson E Series I just picked up. The bottom is I think really cool, from my Grandfather years ago, it’s a Remington Rand/ Colt arsenal rebuild.
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    Welcome Message

    Morning everyone I just joined up!