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    disney, at it again

    This is why vehicles come in many colors, buy what YOU like.
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    Time to rethink Google and YouTube

    Not saying I agree with Google but since it is their entity I think they can do whatever they choose as long as it doesn't cause harm. The board of directors must have signed off on this decision after consulting the legal team.
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    9mm vs. 40 – Is the .40 Caliber a Better Handgun Cartridge?

    I predominately carry 9mm in compact sub compact semi pistols (occasionally work in the EMP). I occasionally carry Commander size or Shield .45acp and the 10mm full size 1911 typically hits the deer lease. I feel good about my choices and think my round will be fine for intended purpose.
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    Is Constitutional Carry a Mistake?

    Constitutional Carry is great but for my purposes I still maintain my license, portability being at the top of the list. I also live in Texas and noticed after the carry bill passed there were several businesses that didn't allow carry, changed to licensed carry and some stayed no carry. It is a...
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    How do you like the WTP sticky holster
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    What have you bought firearms related in the last 48 hours?

    A Groove Line belt and deciding on this
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    What are you doing right now??

    Currently drinking coffee
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    What are you doing right now??

    About 20 miles South of you on 57
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    New EDC

    Kore both the Nylon and Leather Hanks & We the People Leather Kore Nylon works the best with my current summer attire
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    What are you doing right now??

    Originally from So. then Northern Ill
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    What are you doing right now??

    Sorry for the late response but we were there for opening weekend.
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    What are you doing right now??

    Getting ready to eat breakfast then walk across the street and watch the Cardinals beat the Marlins
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    One of these. Shield Plus gets carried the most. Black Arch Holsters (top) used the most.
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    New EDC life phase

    I use a Black Arch with a slightly forward cant IWB holster positioned so my grip is behind my 3 o'clock belt loop. The Black Arch is also adjusted for a slightly lower ride. I also predominantly wear T Shirts or lightweight shirts. This works well for an overweight, stiff, cuff repaired...
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    A clean gun is a happy gun

    All guns get cleaned 2X yearly and my regulars after 3 range trips. The first group this could be the only time they leave the safe. Before leaving the range my regulars all get a bore snake sprayed with CLP and wipe down with cloth.
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    Qualify with what you carry

    Full size 1911 every time but also accurate with my EDC's. I personally don't understand the 25 yard distance.
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    Small of Back Carry

    My current summer wear...All work well with shorts Hellcat Pro Shield Plus Hellcat Black Arch or Crossbreed for IWB Muddy River for OWB
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    Small of Back Carry

    My current summer wear Hellcat Pro Shield Plus Hellcat All work well with shorts...Also use Black Arch for the Plus / HC IWB Muddy River for OWB
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    Firearms manufacture customer service

    I am lucky because I haven't had an issue with any manufacturer I have contacted. I would put Henry and SA at the top of the list.