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  1. OkiePewPew

    Adidas going full "seig heil"

    Adidas got caught (seriously what did they expect) being full on Nazi's. Producing a new shoe specifically promoted as the Olympic '72 shoe (when the 11 Israeli athletes were murdered) and then having a vocal anti-Israel Palestinian as the spokesperson?! Seriously, wtf...
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    Bulletproof: 12 Modified Products to Stop Incoming Gunfire

    Basically the alpha quoted the main post and managed to insert a malicious link that looked like the forums legit photo attachment. I was trying to recreate it.
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    Bulletproof: 12 Modified Products to Stop Incoming Gunfire

    absolutely :ROFLMAO:
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    Bulletproof: 12 Modified Products to Stop Incoming Gunfire

    We were trying something out before we banned an Alpha.
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    Is this the future?

    That’s awfully “Divergent” of you. IYKYK
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    What are you doing right now??

    Have had a hell of a lotta lower shoulder pain the last couple of months and finally got an MRI done. Nothing torn thankfully, so no surgery, but have severe tendinitis in two spots and some kinda itis in the bicep. Have to wait another couple of weeks for the Ortho appointment. Hopefully I'll...
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    Daffy Zone…..

    Page 666 of The Daffy Zone. Fitting
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    Lost in space?

    My distrust runs deep and I do not believe NASA and especially not Boeing. I’m waiting for the call to Elon for a rescue.
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    Supreme Court upholds domestic violence gun restriction

    Agree, As despicable as it is to our moralities they haven’t been convicted of anything. I’ll be very interested to hear the breakdown of the ruling.
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    Turn about is fair play.

    He’s gonna be Clintoned here real soon. RIP 🪦
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    Russian warships

    As a Floridian, I can tell you this happens all the time. We have Russian surveillance trollers off the coast continuously and they run war games with the Cubans on a regular schedule. Not a big deal at all. Btw the “Russian military warship” that actually parked 26 miles of the coast was...
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    Excessive Heat

    Florida is finally getting some tropical moisture moving in. Big storms last night and forecast for the next few days. No where near enough yet to impact the drought we're in. Lightning is bringing lots of wildfires.
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    What are you doing right now??

    Sitting in the ER with my poor honey. These damn migraine attacks can be brutal. She has meds at home but occasionally we have to end up here waiting for the miracle cocktail to disappear the monster.
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    Bear Creek Arsenal up to hijinx

    Oh yeah the Byrna that he pronounces Byrner 😅. A friend got one and said the DA pull is like 100 pounds to pierce the co2 canister.
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    Bear Creek Arsenal up to hijinx

    Heard that the Clay & Buck show (formerly Rush Limbaugh’s show) is pushing Bear Creek now. Not just ads but personal testimonials from the guys…WOW, just wow, the show has gone to the bottom dollar in advertising. I love the show but it makes me question every other advertiser they have.
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    Which gun?

    Which gun?
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    New EDC

    I have a NexBelt for a couple of years now and it has been great. Very stiff but still comfortable. Works just as well as my previous Kore belt.
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    What are you doing right now??

    Eating a Wendy's Orange Dreamsicle Frosty. It's basically an orange colored vanilla frosty. bleh. Will go back to chocolate thank you very much.