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  1. Tinyman

    Pup gonna eat good today

    Did the pup offer to share?
  2. Tinyman

    People losing jobs over Trump remarks.

    Mama always said, "if you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all". It was our hint to shut up.
  3. Tinyman

    What are we reading?

    I use this to find new ones -- type in the author and go from there -- so easy a 75-year-old can do it. https://www.bookseriesinorder.com/
  4. Tinyman

    Daffy Zone…..

    Q -- What has 8 teeth and 6 boobs? A -- Third shift at Waffle House
  5. Tinyman

    Daffy Zone…..

  6. Tinyman

    New Ronin EMP 3 rear sight is blackout not white dot

    I'll go with a definite yes.
  7. Tinyman

    Warning Signs Out Here

    Back road in rural Alabama, saw a sign that read: CAUTION WIFE ENTERING THE HIGHWAY
  8. Tinyman

    Daffy Zone…..

    That's why they made signs --
  9. Tinyman

    Why This Forum?

    With no participation trophy.
  10. Tinyman

    Idaho Central Credit Union Prohibits Firearm & Ammo Purchases by Members

    True, all that crap you "agree" to is fine (and yes, we should read it all), but "give me my money and close the account" works.
  11. Tinyman

    Daffy Zone…..

  12. Tinyman

    Why This Forum?

    Welcome from CA (Central Alabama) -- enjoy your tour.
  13. Tinyman

    Mandatory storage

    Ok, I'm 75 and Mrs. Tinyman has gone to see Jesus. Do I keep all my firearms locked? Dang, I'm by myself in this house and refuse to lock any of them -- period.
  14. Tinyman

    CNN Should Question Biden’s Gun Ban Agenda During The Debate

    Run the country? She can't even run a dishwasher. Michele Obama scares me -- HE should not even consider it.
  15. Tinyman

    CNN Should Question Biden’s Gun Ban Agenda During The Debate

    I will tune in just to see the gaffs. When FJB gets flustered, I just want to see the camera zoom in on Trumps grinning face.
  16. Tinyman

    Fairchild AC-119 — Vietnam’s Accidental Gunship

    They had a few of them at Udorn Thailand. Mighty airframes and sturdy as well. One night while I was riding with a friend in the EOD Jeep, the radio call sounded like this -- (pardon, but this was in 1970 and the mind isn't as sharp as it should be) "Udorn tower, Spooky XXX declaring an IFE...
  17. Tinyman

    Need good thoughts and prayers please

    Prayers sent -- I've had a rough time myself and know what you're feeling. Mine is loneliness.
  18. Tinyman

    Concealed Carry

    Agree -- here in the free state of Alabama, no permit required. I get mine for the "other" states.
  19. Tinyman

    Dutch Lawn Darts

    My first, not my last, my everything. First touched the Starfighter at Homestead AFB FL in the 319th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. So many stories, so little time.
  20. Tinyman

    Daffy Zone…..

    Love the "curb feelers".