10 Guns Worth Keeping

Eh...the Glock 19 is likely my least favorite Glock...owned many, kept none (keep getting them in trades...and they are good trading fodder. The last couple I’ve gotten I didn’t even shoot, just moved on later). It is, possibly, one of the most overrated pistols out there.

The Remington 700 is the same way...owned a couple, much prefer the Savage for a push-feed bolt...

Then again, I’ve always though small-block Chevy V8’s were overrated, too.
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Savage 110FP beats Remington 700 imho. Mossberg 500/590 beats Remington 870. Nothing beats Benelli. Glock, well, it's a glock. There's no resale value, like HG pointed out you can trade em all day long. No one says,"oh, I gotta have one of those!" I wholeheartedly agree with the little 22 SA revolver. Although a ruger 10/22 would have filled that slot as well. A good revolver is necessary. Whether ruger colt S&W or rossi or Taurus. Just gotta get a good one.
At least nobody said “Kimber”.....😬😬😬😬
Got a Rem 700 classic (.270 Win) I've owned for almost 50 years (probly since early 70's) and would part with the wife and kids before I'd let it go. Also have a 1982 Colt Python 6" in original box, original styro foam filler, original plastic bag, original paper work including owner's manual, guarantee, and sales receipt (<$490 back then) ........ Oh yeh, and never been fired! :) And a little .22 cal single shot that my grand dad bought for my dad in 1938 for $1.50/week @ a local hardware store. I'm pretty fond of all these and would be hard pressed to let any of them go. Well, maybe the wife and kids!

On edit: Also have what was reportedly the first Hellcat to come to my town for sale. Time will tell if it holds up to one to hold on to. I plan on it 'cause I really like it.
My first hunting rifle was a 1942 m1 O3A3 pick it up in 1968 for 45.00 and still have it and it’s a tack driver. But my favorite plinker is mod 62 win. 22lr Also 2 m1grands from the 40s I have to many to list but a couple of favorites
Custom 300 win mag from a mousers 98 w/Douglass med wt barrel it was my Dads and built in 1965 that’s my old school stuff new stuff ar10 a4 , ar10T also Steyr 308
Just a few of my favorite also my first post thanks hooah