1911 Face-Off: Emissary vs. the Mil-Spec

After I built my first 1911 in the '70s with all the state-of-the-art "combat" goodies--Barsto barrel, S&W K-sights, Commander hammer, etc etc etc--I thought it was "too pretty" to shoot and decided to build another no-frills gun with just what I NEEDED on it. It got shot a LOT and has been my home defense gun now for over 35 years. It looks exactly like the SA Mil-Spec, except with a flat mainspring housing.

BTW, I recently bought the SA-branded Umarex C02/BB Mil-Spec and absolutely LOVE it! It's wonderful to be able to shoot in my basement anytime I want, rain or shine!
well, as i had posted weeks ago, i have both.

love each one of them, great shooters that they are.

i have a combination of the how can i say it, "lower priced" 1911's, from the lowest priced Tisas, up to the middle priced (such as Dan Wessons) 1911's in my collection.

add to that, my revolvers, especially the Korth Mongoose, in the silver DLC coating, which they do not make any more now.

now, i am not as big a collector, as some of you here may be, but i have to wonder the value of "some" guns, when production numbers are low, and the company stops making them.

case in point, the CZ 75 B, in polished stainless steel. i had the chance to buy that one at the time, but thought that the blued one being cheaper was the better choice, and i was not a "show off" type of person at the range....

well, CZ does not make the polished SS anymore.

a few months ago, i had seen a polished SS CZ 75 B (cannot recall the auction site, but might have been gun broker), and the price was over doubled the MSRP. (as i can best recall, over $1,800)

none of us know, the line run of the Emissary, maybe for many years, maybe for a limited time.

having one now, and the "chances" (cuz it is not a guarantee) the value may rise due to limited run, may be an investment.

if not, well at least, i have added to my mini collection of fine 1911's.
Good article... I got the mil-spec just for that reason, closet to what I carried in the Army. Would like to see what the differents are between the Emissary and the TRP which I have but never liked as much as my mil-spec. jmo.
I like the “nostalgia” of the Mil-Spec, but to have FSC, extended beaver tail, which for those that have had hammer bite will appreciate, flat faced trigger and the sights alone just make it a better pistol. I can’t tell you how many folks get a Mil-Spec and swap out the hammer, sights, beaver tail get it cerakoted ect. The addition of a rail, that’s up to the end users discretion, if it’s a duty or HD pistol no doubt a plus.