20 Skills for the Urban Homesteader

Door Dash has made cooking obsolete.

Whiskey is the best medicine there is.

I'm trying to learn the art of distilling stump whiskey. However, I haven't yet figured out how to route a gas line to a still. 'sides that, my city requires a stump whiskey permit, and EPA wants an environmental impact report. I've found that stocking up at Costco suits me just dandy.

On the serious side, I firmly believe that it should be legal for Americans to distill their own spirits. But where taxing ability is in play, you can bet we'll be forced to buy medicinal purposes whiskey from vendors that collect "sin" tax. What heretic has classified whiskey as a sin?
It’s not illegal to distill whiskey. It’s illegal to distill it and sell it without all the proper licenses, permits, inspections, etc.

At least not in this state. Maybe in Tennessee. Hell, I know cops that make their own moonshine.