.35 Remington: Ultimate Guide To What You Need To Know



"Few hunters these days really understand the capabilities of the .35 Remington. Here’s what you need to know about hunting with the 35 Rem today."

A good, brief and interesting article about the .35 Remington cartridge covering many reasons why it's a good round for intended purpose. Includes some of it's history and sometimes unknown, overlooked and underestimated capabilities.



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This was the base cartridge used to make my .338CJMK for my XP-100 for silhouette competition. Started out as a .35 Remington case, necked down to .338, it would launch a 200gr bullet out of a 14” barrel about 3100fps, big cannon. CJMK stood for Crowley-Jones-Masterdon-Killer. A good friend of mine had a lever action rifle in .35 Remington, so I had a good supply of brass.