A hard day for me.


After a month-long illness, my buddy Axel lost his battle today to cancer. His condition had deteriorated and had greatly diminished his quality of life. I felt compelled to make the agonizing decision to put him down. Instead of taking him to the vet which would have been difficult because he could no longer jump up into the car, and not wanting to traumatize him by forcing the issue I called a mobile vet. Please know that he passed peacefully in my arms with dignity in his own home that he had happily known for almost 11 years. All of the neighbors loved him, and he made friends every place he went. He will live on in my memory and in my heart forever.

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Sorry to hear this, but I know how it feels, years ago we got a kitten that couldn’t have been more then 3-4 weeks old, her mom got killed. The vet didn’t give her to much of a chance, but we didn’t give up on her, when she was fully grown she weighed almost 12 pounds, long way from her being the runt kitten. After 9 years she developed a serious heart issue, which turned out to be an enlarged heart, we always wondered why she got winded when she was playing, we found out why then, she got real bad, couldn’t hardly breath, not eating and just laying around. The vet said there was nothing that could be done and it would be more humane to put here to sleep instead of letting her suffer, so Recusant I really know how you feel, take care and like other said, Axel will live long in your memories.


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My condolences to you in the loss of your companion. I also feel your pain because I lost my Jack Russel , Joe , in November, 2020. Had he lived another 5 months , he would have been 14 years old.

Several friends and family members told me I should get another dog. Alas , I will never own another simply because I no longer am able to train one the way I would want .

They only ask us to give them love , food , and water and give so much more in return.