Americans bought 39 million guns last year.


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Bear in mind that these figures are being reported by the media …

There is often a purpose - perhaps almost subconscious - to put out information that scares, influences, manipulates…or simply leads to a chance for follow up media work.
Point is, it’s an industry . Accuracy is secondary to staying in business.

What tidbits did they FAIL to tell us?

But we all know the ani-gun mentality of the media, and this is likely another attempt to demonize guns and back up the current admin’s efforts to restrict ownership.
It drives liberal elites to distraction when the ‘common people’ get to decide for themselves what’s good or bad.


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"Americans bought more than 18.5 million guns, according to an industry analysis of FBI background check data. That puts the 2021 numbers about 12 percent off the all-time record set in 2020. But it also puts 2021 40 percent ahead of 2019’s total.

“The fact that over 18.5 million Americans chose lawfully purchase a firearm in 2021 is indicative the value Americans hold of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms,” Mark Oliva, a spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), which did the analysis, said in a statement."

NSSF removes NICS purpose codes used by several states for CCW application checks and other purposes. The removal of this data provides a more accurate report of background checks conducted for the purchase of firearms. Visit www.nssf.org/research.

I took these quotes from two online articles. I also saw MSN and other untrustworthy outlets using the 38+ Million number.
Let's not quibble. A lot of guns were sold in 2021. I bought retail and "off market" in 2021. Have a nice day.



Here is a link to some new center set up at UC Davis, dedicated to future gun control bills and they have a page dedicated to people buying new guns during the pandemic as well.

UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program



I like this meme posted by a well known Californian gun advocate.

How dare they



I have significantly more confidence in the NSSF numbers than the media's numbers. I find it mind-boggling that the author of this article can clearly describe a flawed method of calculation, but still have faith in the accuracy of the conclusion.

The most obvious issue is that the author assumes that the number of "gun sales" since 1998 is equal to the number of guns sold since 1998. This formula doesn't work for any item that can be resold multiple times. For example: Assume that my uncle bought a new gun in 1998 (Sale #1). He left the gun to me when he passed away in 2020, but I didn't want it and sold it to my local gun shop (Sale #2). The shop then sells the gun to a new owner in 2021 (Sale #3). This gives us 3 total "gun sales" since 1998, while only 1 gun ever actually entered the market.

The example above demonstrates that we do not have 3 guns that were sold; we have 1 gun that was sold 3 times. If we used the author's logic, 3 guns were sold, not 1. With faulty logic like this, it doesn't take long to reach a massively inflated total.