Backing Up the Bow: Carrying a Sidearm When Bowhunting

I haven’t archery hunted in the last several years (unfortunate because I really enjoyed it!). We only have black bears here, but I was often a little nervous about only having one shot to protect myself. Back then, my state did not allow carrying a sidearm, but that has recently changed. I never thought about human predators, but I am an averaged sized male and figured I could handle human predators.

Good article, Bridget. For folks who don’t bow hunt, they just don’t know what they are missing!
I never carried a sidearm in archery season, never really gave it much thought. Then there was a guy who killed hunters in Michigan and another who was killing archers in thier stands in some areas I often hunted.

That got me thinking and I got the conditional hunting only concealed license we had for a few years prior to our current one. Then I got the new CCP when it became available.

Now, yes, I carry a .357 magnum revolver in accordance to the new permit. It is illegal to do during hunting season open or concealed without the permit.
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Great article ton of respect. She has done some amazing hunts.

Totally agree on the sidearm, carry one with me and I hunt muzzle loader. Totally legal to have a sidearm in my state. Granted I carry my 1911 in chest holster. Honestly on public land it’s harder and harder to get away from the idiots.

Really like that 10mm 1911 though.
Good article. I've always carried a sidearm while hunting, whether bow or rifle hunting (I live in big 4-legged predator country). There are a number of scenarios where a handgun that you can deploy quickly and at close range could be useful, even if you also have a rifle.