Bell H-13 Sioux — The Korean War MASH Helicopter

Thanks, Doc. Nice write-up!

When I was a rookie K9 handler, our sheriff’s office flew air support for us in Bell 47’s. As primitive as they were, I felt good when one orbited with their Night Sun and lit us up when we caught a felon and needed ground units to come in to cuff. We later worked with Bell Jet Rangers and Aerospatiale AStars, but I still remember the distinctive sound of the 47’s piston engine. Brave guys flew those ops.

They saw service in quite a few other countries as well, often license-built. This one in Argentina says "Bell" on the placard, but had "Agusta" labeled pedals.


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The closest to that type of helo I ever flew in was an SA315B Lama, like this, in the high Sierras of CA back-in-the-day.