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I was working for Mossberg when Sandy Hook in Newtown Connecticut happened And although I was working at the assembly plant in Texas my home was less then ten miles from that small town. Although Connecticut used that tragedy to pass very stringent gun control laws including the sale of AR platform rifles it was proven and documented by the Connecticut State Police that an AR was NOT used that day, that made no difference to the Connecticut government. The knee jerk reaction was to make the already tough gun laws in the state even tougher. The governor and AG Blumenthal where behind passing laws that made absolutely no sense and no difference in gun control.
They even went after Mossberg because a Mossberg shotgun was found in the vehicle driven to the school by the young man but not used during the shooting.
Although discussed and very obvious this was a mental health issue not a gun issue and that fell on deaf ears.
The bottom line a democratic government on the state level will do anything to push their agenda to further gun control on multiple levels.


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From what I've heard, he's never actually worked a real job, and in his younger yrs was apparantly kicked out of a commune because he wouldn't do his share of the chores. His wife was the dean/president of a college, and actually bankrupted it, and it closed-down, from what I understand. Both of them are slackers.