Brand new Emmisary, missing parts, mis-matched mags, stripped screws.


SA got my pistol back to 'new' condition. Including the damaged grip screws. Thanks Springfield for fixing a really unpleasant purchase experience. Fast turn-around too!
great news, now enjoy.

this also makes me confident that S/A will take care of many issues, over what i have read here (and some other sites) one too many times of people griping about the company and how "lousy" the products are, without contacting them first, with a full description of the problem(s), but rather leave out information and still want or demand answers.

this great outcome, washes out the griping others only come here to do, and not have direct contact with S/A, only to be told by us countless times, to get in touch with the company.


I remember a while back trying on some shoes at a fine department store, the salesclerk brought out 3 boxes is various sizes and widths. Inside one box was a pair of old beat up pair shoes. Apparently a previous customer made the old “switcheroo” when the salesclerk was turned away helping someone else. This is quite common in self serve stores where there’s nobody watching. Maybe not as easy I imagine at the LGS, but “mistakes” happen.
Admittedly I did start whining before contacting SA. Mainly because I considered this extremely likely to be an online distributor issue and not an SA issue. Crap happens but I think there is some value in raising a bit of a stink. If one distributor disproportionately has a high number of returns it is a pretty big red shinannigans flag. Love the pistol so far.