BREAKING: White House to Direct DOJ to Design ‘Ghost Gun’, AR Pistol and Brace Regulations


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Here is some more information about the administration’s plan for tomorrow’s planned executive actions.

Notice these will be "actions" and not "orders" because they're essentially requests with no real teeth but that can be postured to his base as taking tough action, they'll have no legally binding authority.

They will have a negative impact on ammo and price gouging gun sales, however, they'll inspire another round of panic buying.
Democrats have always been the best gun salespeople. Obama was one of the best threatening to “take away” our guns but never did or realized he couldn’t. Of course When Trump took office all the gun buying stopped and basically the gun industry cut way back. The current administration is posturing to see what it can get away with and with more control in Congress and the Senate the Dems have a better chance now. The current mass shootings are not helping.