Buying Milsurp: Removing Cosmoline from the SKS

I bought a Korean War Era Chicom surplus SKS a few years back. I had heard about cosmoline before, but was still amazed by how much of that stuff could get into every hole, tube, and crevice. It only took mineral spirits and elbow grease to clean the SKS, but it did take much longer than I expected. The amazing part was that after decades of storage, and a complete disassembly for cleaning, the SKS was still zeroed when I put it back together and took it to the range. It's a great rifle that was totally worth the work.
Thanks for the article Mike,
One thing that helps remove cosmoline or heavy grease easier is to use something like clean old wooden popsickle sticks, cut down paint stir sticks or similar to scoop out, scrape off gunk and even *wooden dowels to push it out (*Barrel) bulky stuff 1st. Can even cut and shape popsickle sticks to fit certain parts better. Then, clean the rest off with mineral spirits. End result comes a lot easier, cleaner and quicker. Plastic scrapers may work, but have never tried. Trick is to get the bulk off 1st.
I still clearly remember degreasing mine back in the late '80s (Russian Tula). Took me a whole roll of paper towels and half a can of lacquer thinner. Believe it or not, to this day I still haven't shot that rifle.
Napthazoline can be very poisonous if not familiar with or using it.
Are different articles on it. This is one of them.

I know. I work with it every off. As long as the precautions are followed it's not an issue.
I've used it to degrease AR parts for Ceracoating, and it does work very well for that.
I've not owned an SKS for a long time 30+ years ago. I do remember how much of a pain in the butt it was stripping the cosmology off. Now if they were still $75 pick of the barrel, I'd buy again one this minute.