Campfire Safety: Starting a Fire Without Burning Down the Forest

Great read, thanks Mike. I remember old Smokey the Bear commercials from when I was a kid. "Drown the fire, stir the ashes, then drown again" Always stuck with me. We have many fires out here, and we carry out everything mentioned here, to the point of a bucket of water and the hose nearby.

You don't hear about controlled burns anymore. I don't know if they even do that anymore. Sure lightning does some of it, but controlled burns would help to prevent so many of the forest fires that occur every year. My .02.

I'm fairly certain I paid less than $10 for this thing 15 years ago. still works.
As far as a campfire goes, I never light one in the bush because it's usually more of a pain in the ass than it's worth.

I certainly wouldn't do it in a survival situation because it would give my position away.

A most I'd go with a Dakota Hole fire. Which shouldn't be a high risk of starting a forest fire anyway