Camping/Hiking Gear Ideas


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For just hiking a small back pack with sunscreen, multitool/knife, water, blanket, firearm, flashlight, small trauma kit (for scratches, falls bug bites etc) and of course snacks!

For camping all the above items, 12 gauge, tent, cooler, sleeping bag, dogs, family, beer or whiskey sometimes both, axe, and appropriate attire.


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I wouldn't be a good Eagle Scout or Scoutmaster if I didn't carry the 10 essentials that everyone keeps hitting and missing on.

Depending on where I am going my XD is always near by. They don't like us carrying when we are with the Scouts, that is a big no-no.

My nice comfy cot and chair. I always carry a ham radio with me.


I have been wanting to go on more camping and hiking trips. What are some things you can't go on an adventure without?


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I motorcycle camp quite a bit. Not as much as I'd like...but I still go.

10 degree sleeping bag (mummy bag) that packs down smaller than my head (compression sack) and unzips head to toe for use as just a sleeping pad in warmer weather.
2-man dome tent with vestibule (Eureka!) so I don't have to sleep on my dirty boots; packed, it's 14"x6".
film canister (remember those?) full of matches
Altoids tin full of bandages, sting-eze, tape and gauze
four times the pair of socks than I think I'll need. Wet feet suck.
Good blade.
Solar LED flashlight - spot, flood/reading, and red hazard flasher
XDs with all my spare mags (4 in total)
As many of my clothes are dry-wick (easily cleaned in a stream, easily packed) as possible. Cooler weather I bring my base layer stuff. ALWAYS have a fleece jacket, it gets cool at night.
Whisky hip-flask full of aged single-malt (medicinal!)
Saucepan to boil water

My motorcycle lives with a first aid kit in a canister, under a saddlebag. Another canister on the other side has a 1L MSR fuel bottle full of spare fuel for the bike...but it also works well for fire starting if needed. The bike also has a USB port to keep the phone charged, as well as a Garmin GPS on the bars.

I source food locally, easier than packing/carrying.

A webbed bag works well to keep items cold in a stream - bottles, cans, ziploc bags of food. Put one good-sized stone in the bag to keep it all below the surface.

My riding gear doubles as "warm clothes", especially my Gerbing's heated jacket (12v, runs off the bike). There's more, but that's the loose-and-fast version.