Concealed Carry Corner: How To Carry Without A Belt

Interesting read on carrying a gun without a belt, I never tried this, but I have used pocket holster for small frame guns like my Ruger LCP

Whether I carry or not I always use a belt. Good article.


"Matt E." usually writes good articles, but it really reads to me like he phoned this one in.....:cautious:

As @papa noted, what about the widely known and not-infrequently used "belly bands?" There are even modern iterations which use a half-hard Kydex/polymer-plastic shell to offer increased retention (like that offered with hybrid holsters) without a retention band.

That type of product was the lead-off/OP in this recent thread: https://www.thearmorylife.com/forum/threads/carrying-a-handgun-without-a-belt.10687/#post-142737

In that thread, I also brought up other options -

One such product is the Vertex/Unity Tactical CLUTCH - which is essentially a modernized belly-band, configured specifically for low-vis carry/executive-protection type missions, and is able to hold as much as a comparably sized overt "battle belt."

And as we get to deeper concealment, no mention was made of items like the Thunderwear or SmartCarry, nor the modern PHLster Enigma (as well as the holster which inspired it, the RuncibleWorks YP) - the latter of which really has come to redefine that whole sector of the industry.


I don’t think they make a belly band for my belly…….🤣🤣🤣🤣
Me either. However, I think you could make a home-made belly band with duct tape. Added bonus...you get a free wax job when you take it off!