Dishonest and sneaky “gun control” measures in omnibus spending bill


Not to be contrary as a relative newcomer here, but I'm one of those people who likes to "see the math". So, I read the pertinent sections of the actual bill and I feel the bearingarms.com article has errors, for example, they say "Some of the provisions include the prosecution and criminal investigation of any NICS check denials." I read the law. It does not say that. It seems to include a provision that denial may be reported to local authorities. (emphasis added).

One the problems with reading these laws is that they often contain amendments to existing laws. So, without looking back at the original law, some of these amendment bills can be taken out of context.

And just to show you my math, here is the link to the text of the law:

Just my 2 cents.





Evidently there's part of this bill that overrides any states second amendment sanctuary laws that they have passed within their own state.
Watch the video.
Not any state. All sanctuary states are not created equal.