Do You Have the “Right” Truck Gun?

Good article Mike.

Right now I usually rely on the carry gun I am wearing, but I am working on a way to secure an AR pistol without having to worry too much about it if/when I take short forays away from the truck. I am predisposed to not leaving firearms in my truck period, but I think I could mount something to the steel cab behind the seats that ould be difficult for an enterprising thief to snatch while being quickly accessible by me.
As per the article's discussion towards the end, one should consider their areas of operations in selecting "truck" gun(s).

The only thing at the end was a mention about 4-legged threats. I would point out that, unless you live in Alaska or griz country in the N. Rockies, large animal threats can be handled 99.99% of the time (they will mostly be a dog threat) with those firearms adequate for shorter-range urban/suburban threats, and the risk of a non-dog threat is pretty low, IMO.

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My truck gun is a M44 7.62x54. I am not sure about everyone elses definition but I simply want a rifle that is cheap, carbine length, reliable and capable to doing "rifle stuff". I want it to be cheap since it will be left in the truck a good majority of the time. The most popular "truck gun" in the Country is probably the Model 94 30/30 or an 18" pump shotgun.
Most of the driving I do in my truck involves trips to and from the family land, so my actual "truck gun" is still a 12 gauge Mossberg Maverick 88. My "sedan gun" is just the one on my waist, and sometimes a BUG in my pocket.

My wife has her LTC, but often travels to places that prohibit concealed and open carry. Her "SUV gun" is currently a Ruger LCP II, but this will soon be replaced by an LCP Max. The LCP models are easy for her to slip into a purse or pocket when necessary/allowed, but can also be easily concealed within reach in her vehicle.
Good read Mike thanks.
Right now my “truck” gun is my XDM Mod2 40 which for the most part is always on my hip. During long trips I’ll move it to the back pocket of the front passenger seat with the butt sticking out for easy accessibility.
(The big if) is if I have to leave it in the truck it slips between the front folded down center seat cushion and completely out of sight but not very accessible while driving.