Egunner.com AKA Buds Guns.com SCAM

So I attempted to purchase a rifle from Egnunner.com that ended up being a scam. I won a bid for a rifle and paid the seller the 830.00 and the next day when it came to delivering the item the seller attempted to get more money out of me which at this point I called there bluff and reported the activity. I called my bank the FTC BBB and Buds. Buds pretty much told me im ****ed and good luck. I am telling anyone who is considering buying from Egunner STAY AWAY!!!
Your best resource to get your money back is your bank, financial institutions that have a good history with you will work hard for you. This is why online sales of anything is a customer beware situation. When ever I think about dealing with an online company for the first time is Google the company and look for reviews from past customer interactions. If anything looks hinky I move on. I’ve sold guns but in the end it’s a face to face transaction that ends in an exchange involving cash. My guess is you’ll probably get your money back it just might take awhile. Good luck.


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I bought some Mini-14 and a few other mags from Buds a while back (pre covid) and they gave me some free bids to try the Egunner auction. I didn't participate in the auction but I noticed whenever the bid timer ran out it would reset a few seconds back as an alleged bid was made by someone else on a gun and when the auction finally closed on the particular gun it sold for more then MSRP.
I call shenanigans on the Egunner site I personally think the whole thing is potentially scammey. Egunner has been a cash cow for Buds as they own and operate the site.

I did start a thread on this topic talking about this previously.