Fightin Iron.....The Dan Wesson Revolver

I fired a D W revolver one time for 2 shots. That was all the ammo the guy had left. It was chambered in the .357 maximum cal. The maximum was .3" longer than the .357 magnum. I remember it having a fantastic single action trigger and a smooth double action.

The reason I got to shoot it was because this guy was at my B-I-Law's shop as was I. He was talking about his revolver not being very accurate . So my B-I-law says to him , you should let him ( referring to me ) shoot it. I fired it at a knot in a chunk of firewood from 25 yards. Both shots were almost touching each other and in a straight horizontal line.

He looked at me , then my B-I-Law, and said well I guess it isn't the guns fault. We all had a good laugh. I wish he had more ammo then just the 2 shells.
I love my Dan Wessons. I have one in .22LR, one in .357 Mag and one in .445 Supermag. I also have 3 or 4 interchangeable barrel lengths for each from 2" to 10 ". The .357 Mag was my duty weapon for several years and the .445 Supermag has accompanied me to Alaska on several trips. They are accurate and durable revolvers. They are a joy to shoot.😊