Five Steps to Survive Coronavirus


Something I have added to my EDC items. Hand sanitizer that fits in your pocket. When your out and about touching doorknobs and such, it's always good to have it, especially if you are going to sit down and eat.

^ Just remember that hand-sanitizer is not quite as effective as properly (and this is key) washing your hands. While a good stand-in, if you can wash, wash - and wash properly.

Additionally, while hand-washing before eating is simply good practice, the more important thing to remember is to refrain from touching your face - which is something that we all do way too often during the course of our average day. We know that this is one of the avenues through which we catch the seasonal flu (as well as the average cold), and it is currently speculated that we "catch" the novel coronavirus in much the same way.

I've carried a "pocket" hand-sanitizer ever since my daughter was born, I think. :) It's "daddy-EDC" at its best. ;) I've had really good luck with the Purell "travel jelly" setups:


....with the "jelly" carrier lasting for years and years of true everyday use (I usually end up replacing the bottle several times before I feel the need to replace the carrier).

I carry the jelly looped through a large carabiner (which itself has multiple uses - when paired with virtually any length of robust cloth and a keyring, it makes for a great makeshift windlass-securing mechanism for an improvised tourniquet), with the jelly then dropped into my pocket. Even cap-side-down, it won't leak.

Just be sure that you take the time to check that the screw-cap is tight. It likes to unscrew/loosen due to normal body motions....I learned this the hard way. Making sure that the cap is secure on a daily basis will insure that you'll never have any problems.

The steps are the same we should all follow during cold and flu season.

^ Exactly! As PrepperGuy posted above - and what I love seeing - is that these are the same steps that helps keep us out of trouble with seasonal flu. If anything good comes out of COVID-19, is that it's reminded folks about proper hygiene that we've all been taught since kindergarten, but somehow seems to have gotten lost along the way, as well as is starting to highlight the importance of basic "preps" for emergency readiness that's much more real and much more likely than the end-of-days scenarios that those who don't prep often make fun of "preppers" for.