Galco StukOn-U Pocket Holster Review


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The holster looks like it is well made and will do the job intended. I have been using the DeSantis Super Fly pocket holster for several years because of the cover flap that completely conceals the outline of a pistol.

I hope Galco comes out with something similar for this holster.
Nice looking holster that is very similar to the Desantis Nemesis and Super Fly which are my go-to's for pocket carry for my 9mm's in addition to the Pocket Shot for my Bodyguard 380 with manual safety. Also Have a few Sticky and a Clinger but don't really use them anymore. Also, I always double check to make sure nothing else is in that pocket but the holstered pistol and always remove the holster from the pocket to re-holster for safety. Also have a Galco IWB for one of my 9mm's and it's a quality product as I'm sure this one is.


I pocket carry the majority of time and am close to wearing out my 2 current pocket holsters (380 & 9mm). Looks like a good option to upgrade to.


From the article- (do not, I repeat, do not ever consider carrying a pistol in your pocket by just dropping it in there, by the way),
What if the pistol has a manual safety? I used to live in the city and when I took the garbage out to the cans in the alley, I'd drop my little .38 snubby in my pocket just in case the zombies were out there. Wouldn't a manual safety gun be ok in that otherwise empty pocket? Not all day, just for a minute or two.


I pocket carry my Ruger LCP Max any time when my wardrobe will not allow for a larger gun to be carried IWB. The Galco looks interesting, but I've had great results with Sticky Holsters. The LCP Sticky Holster is not a dedicated pocket holster, but it is grippy enough to work quite well in that role.

The main reason that I like the Sticky Holster is that I pocket carry in my rear pocket. This makes it difficult to access the gun while driving. When I'm driving, I switch from pocket carry to IWB, which is the Sticky Holster's advertised purpose. When I get out of the car, I slip the LCP Max back into my pocket. I'd consider the Galco if it also worked well for temporary IWB duty.