Gunfight Shooting Positions: Tactics for Cars, Cover and More

Interesting. There was a time (sigh) when all these positions and more were regularly practiced. Even shooting out of a moving car was a regular thing years ago when that sort of thing was still acceptable. :cool:

Today there is no rolling around and not much running. Pretty soon it will be practicing with walkers and wheel chairs. :censored:
I've never participated in a gun fight. I have been in the wrong place at the wrong time when somebody else started a gunfight four times in my life. And really those were just shooting incidents because it was only one person with a gun and nobody else was shooting back.

The last time it happened I was putting my stuff in my car getting ready to go to work when somebody at the end of the parking lot started shooting. I actually remember thinking to duck down behind the engine block of the car rather than the trunk.

By the time I was behind cover and had my gun out it was over. And to this day I still don't know who for sure who was shooting.

I was putting my stuff in my car getting ready to go to work. Somebody little skinny dude in a white hoodie and a scream mask came walking through my parking lot at 11:00.

I saw him I don't know if he saw me. He walked through the parking lot, behind the dumpster and into the alley. Because he was wearing that white hoodie I could see him messing around with a gate back in the alley.

I'm pretty sure I wasn't looking at him when it happened but somebody started shooting. As I said I ducked down behind the engine block actually it wasn't my car it was the car next to mine and I pulled out my gun. I saw the guy come back to the parking lot and he was backing up with his hands out in front of him and clearly empty.

I think he must have been very close to whoever was doing the shooting because I was not more than 10 ft away from him screaming at him "Are you okay? have you been shot?" and he acted like I wasn't even there. I remember at one point he looked at me in my security guard uniform and raised his hands but he kept backing away from me.

I was a security guard not a cop. To this day I don't know for sure what happened. I did not see a gun in that man's hands. I did not approach him other than to ask if he was okay and I made no attempt to take him into custody.

I called the police, I made a report I told them exactly what I said and I went to work. Even then when my employer found out that I had drawn my gun they almost fired me.
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