He saw the point


At the range this morning a fellow member and I were discussing CC options. I told him I am seriously thinking about the 4 in EMP to replace the P365xl and he was incredulous.

It's too big and heavy says he...

You like carrying a 3 inch Sp101 says I.

Yes I do says he.

I showed him this. And said, and as far as weight goes your sp101 is heavier than the model 60 by a good 4 ounces or better so it's real close to the EMP 4. I would have showed the 3 inch Sp101 but it was not an option.

He changed his tune.

I've carried stubbie's on and off for many years. Most were .38 Spec only. I'm comfortable carrying the Sp 101 because I always have the option to power up and carry .357 mags if I feel the need.
Ruger SP101.JPG