Hellcat issue


I checked. None of my strikers rattle. The ammo rattles in the mag on the Q5, but that's it. So "Striker rattle" clearly isn't a thing with XDs, Shields, HKs, or Walthers. Maybe it's just a Glock thing.
Beats me on striker rattle beside Glock, occasionally Hellcat and some others. Rattle's more typical in smaller CC type striker fired HG's than other more full sizes from what seen and heard. HeckCat here has very faint rattle, may miss it if not listening for closely? Other HG's here do not rattle either. Not even SA's XDM 5.25 here, but that's full size.


Same here. It only does it when 15th round is loaded. I purchased 2 mags from SA website and both have this audible rattle. So for me it is only useable as a 14 round magazine...
Update: I noticed the 15rnd magazine rattle is only existent when the magazine is not charged into the pistol handle and on odd numbered round count of 13 or 15. However, 15rnd magazine fully loaded charged into the pistol handle has no rattling sound issues. So it's a non-issue except for loaded spare magazine being noisy if loaded with 13 or 15 rounds.
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