Hellcat: My Impressions


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Best is highly individualistic. If it fits your hand, meets your needs and you can shoot it well then any pistol can qualify.

I helped a friend get a Hellcat last fall and it is working better for her vs the G26 she had. She tried three different types and she went with the Hellcat.
I held one a couple weeks ago and the grip was so small my pinky didn't fit even with the extended mag. It doesn't sit on the grip of my XD subcompact 45 with the 9+1 mag either but being a double stack the XD feels great. Sure the XD is a little bigger, but it conceals really well and is s very easy to shoot. The hellcat just doesn't feel good to me, I like my XD even better than my pps m2!


A while back, I had the chance to run a Hellcat, a Sig 365SAS, and a Glock 43x in a side x side x side test. Also running them were a buddy, and my buddy’s son who was on leave from one of our nation’s “sharp end” Teams.

We found that while we liked the SAS, and liked the sights, drilled tight little groups...the sights were off—WAY off, like 3” right at 7 yards...and there is no adjustment. That being said, we felt the grip was also a little small, but the trigger was excellent.

The Hellcat was decent—liked the generous U-notch rear & golf ball front sights, the grip filled the hand a bit better, but the trigger was a bit heavy and mushy. Accuracy was decent, but didn’t shoot as tight as the SAS.

The 43X was a surprise; felt really good in the hand, trigger was really good for a Glock (better, imho, than the Hellcat)...typical Glock sights, but they’d get replaced anyway. Shot very well...and considering that Shield Arms is making a flush 15rd mag for them which seem to be reliable...if I was to go with one of these pistols, the Glock would be my choice...and the choice of my shooting companions as well.

Which surprises me; while I own a couple of Glocks, I don’t particularly care for them.


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I've run the Hellcat, P365XL and Glock 19 G5 and my preference is...
The grip, ergonomics and sights on the Hellcat, the trigger on the P365XL, and the accuracy and reliability of the Glock.
Maybe the best of each could be combined into one new shooter!


I have a Sig938. Manual loading of the magazine is tight and have difficulty stacking all the rounds. Maybe its just me. Does anyone have experience in the manual load of the Hellcat for all 11 rounds?


As I've heard from some here. My index finger is saved from the tight springs in the two mags now. Got a helper fromAmerigunclub on Amazon. Couldn't locate those loaders bought before becoming a righty. I'll be ordering three more 13 rndrs. Now to be able to strip it with my one hand. Gotta use a wooden dowel for that trigger pull.


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